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Restraining Orders

I have AGGRESSIVELY represented countless restraining order cases.  I have a proven track record of success!

Husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, have arguments. Does that justify a trip to jail, losing custody of your children, and/or a criminal conviction with lifetime penalties? Police will routinely make an arrest based on a simple complaint and prosecutors will go forward with these charges even if the complainant changes his or her mind about pursuing the case. I understandthat domestic violence allegations can often be fabricated or exaggerated in order to gain an edge in child custody and divorce proceedings or just due to the heat of the moment.

I am a private attorney who specializes in both criminal law and family law in Santa Clara and Alameda county. Judges know me and I have a great reputation in these courtrooms. Unlike other attorneys that can only assist you in your criminal case without full knowledge of how to approach the family law or civil aspect of a criminal domestic violence conviction, I am skilled in both arenas. I have had numerous cases dismissed, and can also assist you in custody battles, filing for divorce, and/or fighting a restraining order.

Domestic violence cases typically result in two related proceedings: a criminal charge filed in the criminal courts and a restraining order hearing, which takes place in family court. I am equipped to help you navigate through both court systems simultaneously. A restraining order, not handled properly, can keep you away from your spouse or partner, your children, and your own home.

Many lawyers will charge more than me with less skill and knowledge about how to handle your domestic violence matter. I will defend you vigorously and not over charge you.  

You should not fight this alone, let me look for the possible errors that could get your case dismissed!

Don't wait! Call NOW for a FREE consult with a local attorney who is experienced in  criminal, civil, and family law DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and RESTRAINING ORDER issues. I will give you a straightforward assessment of your situation and go over all of your possible options, even other options that would be more beneficial for your case. I sincerely want to help you and look forward to putting my well-rounded expertise to work for you.

Schedule a FREE Consultation appointment. at (408)947-7729 or (800)640-9001 

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