DUI / Drug Offense

About Drug Offence:

Arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, Or Possession Of An Illegal Drug?

A DUI conviction can mean steep fines, mandatory loss of drivers’ privileges for a lengthy time period, community service, probation and the installation of an ignition interlock device that you will have to breathe into once you do regain your drivers’ privileges.

The stakes are too high not to retain a skilled advocate on your behalf, one who has a track record of results that you can rely on. At The Law Office of Jamie N. Harris, you will benefit from the fact that the majority of my practice is focused on defending clients accused of DUI and possession of an illegal drug. This limited scope means I have a great deal of experience and knowledge of the nuances of DUI law, drug possession law, and the technicalities involved in drunk drivingarrests.

At every stage of your case, beginning immediately upon your retention of this law office, I will work with you to build a strong case for dismissal or for drastically reduced charges.

DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or DUI Drugs)

I have successfully defended clients from those accused of sleep driving while on Ambien to involuntary intoxication when a drug they had ingested caused a reaction. I have worked to obtain successful outcomes with clients who did everything they were supposed to do and yet had a problematic reaction that caused them to be arrested for impaired driving.

Even if you believe you were impaired, it is important to obtain counsel to defend you. Here’s why: Did you know that there is no definitive test to prove that someone is under the influence of drugs? There is no way to test someone’s blood for drugs in the same way it is to test for impairment while driving under the influence of alcohol. The police officer who arrested you won’t tell you that.


Misdemeanor Charges
The maximum sentence for a misdemeanor charge is one year and fines and fees.

Felony Charges
A felony charge is much more serious.  However, if you are charged with certain drug crimes their may be options such as a diversion program or Proposition 36 which will allow you to avoid jail, get help, and move on with your life.

But, if you are not eligible for any programs their may be a base term or a range of sentencing for the offense.

If you have been accused of DUI drugs,  Drug Trafficking, DUI or Possession of Drugs in the Bay Area, learn how I can help defend you. Call 408-947-7729 for a free consultation that is confidential.

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