About Prostitution:

In the State of California, prostitution and solicitation still are aggressively targeted with cooperation between law enforcement officers and the creation of special task forces. Charges related to prostitution and solicitation do carry serious legal consequences. Prostitution involves performing, soliciting, or pandering physical contact of a sexual nature between two people.  Any charge of a crime of a sexual nature carries with it a social stigma and long-term professional and personal negative consequences. It is critical to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Zealously Defending against Prostitution or Solicitation Charges

For years Jamie N. Harris has fought to defend those accused of a sexually-based crime. After many years in practice, Ms. Harris knows that things are not always as they appear. Charges of prostitution or solicitation often involve circumstantial evidence of an agreement for parties to engage in sexual activity in exchange for some form of payment. This is very difficult to prove. In some cases Ms. Harris has been able to prove that the accused was entrapped by law enforcement.  In others, she can get the charges dismissed before trial or negotiate a plea that will minimize long-term impact from the incident. It is very important for her to become involved in the process as early as possible in order to discover evidence that can be used to exonerate her clients. You will not be judged by her or her staff – we are here to learn your story and offer the best possible defense.

Prostitution or Solicitation – What are the Charges

There are many different crimes that are associated with solicitation and prostitution, but here are a few of the most commonly charged:

  • Prostitution – Under California Penal Code Sections 653.20 – 653.28, prostitution means that a person knowingly engages in a sexual act intended to result in arousal or gratification in exchange for payment of some sort, although the payment may be any offering of value, not just money. A charge of prostitution for a first-time offender usually is a misdemeanor that carries up to $1000.00 in fines and fees, and six months in jail. However, if the accused has been convicted of prostitution in the past, probation will not be an option and the accused will face up to 45 days in county jail. Moreover, if the crime of prostitution took play in a motor vehicle within 1,000 feet of a private residence the Court can suspend you driver’s license for up to six months.

Jamie N. Harris Provides a Zealous Defense for Those Charged with a Crime of Solicitation or Prostitution

California attorney Jamie N. Harris has her entire legal practice fighting for the rights of her clients. This dedication is particularly important when the charges involve acts of a sexual nature. These crimes have extremely long-ranging impact on personal relationships, professional opportunities, and social status. They involve a prurient look into the private life of a person and harsh judgment without all the facts. Ms. Harris is committed to providing a defense that carefully examines each aspect of the charges and the supporting evidence. She will scrutinize each aspect of the investigation and construct a strong defense. Cases like these often involve suppression of evidence motions and hearings, which, if successful, may lead to a complete dismissal of the charges. Ms. Harris will work with you to come up with the best legal strategy to ensure the most favorable outcome possible during a free and confidential consultation. Please contact her at (408) 947-7729 as soon as possible to schedule this so that we can begin working to defend your rights.

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